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NikaKai Travels was born out my love for travel. I was born in Moscow, grew up in Spain, studied in London and am currently based in Hong Kong. I love moving around, seeing new sights, meeting people from different corners of the world, I love trying new food and falling asleep in a new place.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was convinced that nothing would change (silly me). Everything changed, she turned my world inside out, teaching about patience and unconditional love within a heart beat. She also made me realize that travel would never be the same, at least for a long time. She was one month old when we took our first flight together, despite all the fears of a new, wired and tired mother the 17 hour flight from Spain to Hong Kong was painless.

So far she has accompanied me on my every single adventure.¬†Within two years we have travelled the world together: Hawaii, Bali, Phuket, Spain, Russia, Israel, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, West Coast (LA and Vegas).¬†Travel is now less relaxing, it’s less spontaneous, you have to be somewhat organized when you travel with a child (I learnt that the hard way when I forgot her diapers and her water bottle), but it’s also more special. Everything is happening for the first time now, her first swim in the ocean, first hike, first camping trip, her first humus in Jerusalem, her first almond blossom in Spain, her first snow. My world has managed to simultaneously shrink and expand at the same time.

Nika Kai is a place to share all the tips I have accumulated on all the travels, it’s a place to inspire you to travel with your children and it’s a place to share stories of other moms just like you and me traveling the world with their little humans.

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